Best Time To Travel Italy


Fly anywhere. Fly everywhere with cleartripBest Time To Travel Italy

Located on the southern end of Europe, Italy has renowned attractions, which fascinate millions of travelers from all over the world annually. It’s no surprise why the country ranks among the most visited countries in Europe. This country offers a lot ranging from its historical and cultural heritage to captivating natural beauty, and not to mention its exquisite cuisine.Fly anywhere. Fly everywhere with cleartrip

So, if you’re thinking of visiting the country this 2020, it is ideal to know the best time to visit Italy. The country is among those places that you can visit at any time of the year. Italy’s climate varies greatly depending on the location you are visiting. Up north, experience extreme weather with bone-chilling winters and blazing summers. Central Italy is more fortunate with a mild climate throughout the year. Down south, the country is warm all year round.Fly anywhere. Fly everywhere with cleartrip

However, the best and the peak tourist season to visit Italy is during summer. The temperature begins to rise in May and reaches its peak in August. Though it’s an exceptional time to visit Italy, not only the temperatures during these months, the hotel prices rise as well. September and October have milder weather, and as the summer subsides, the prices drop as well. In November, the temperatures begin to fall, and winter starts and remains till February.Fly anywhere. Fly everywhere with cleartrip

Fly anywhere. Fly everywhere with cleartrip

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  1. Spring is on its way out so expect temperatures to rise and the crowds to swell. Popular attractions are busy at this time so if you do plan to visit Italy during May, do book well in advance.

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