Things You Should Avoid When Traveling


We’ve read and heard a lot about what to do or where to go when you travel. It’s about time to talk about the things you should avoid when traveling. It is as important as knowing what to do when you travel to avoid any problems in the future.

Criticize the country’s culture, politics, or the people

Whether you travel to the wealthiest country or the poorest one, you shouldn’t criticize or share your opinion about the culture, politics, or any subjects that may affect the image of the country you’re visiting.


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Be disrespectful to their customs

In some countries, they have specific protocols you should follow, such as wearing the proper attire or touching someone’s head as they considered head holy. As a traveler, you must learn to follow the country’s customs.

Be naive of your body language

Some countries find the “okay” sign or thumbs up an offensive act. Or even putting your feet and showing the soles of your feet or pointing with your finger can be interpreted as impolite. So, be aware of even the slightest details.


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Taking photos of people without their consent

Always ask permission first when you want to take pictures of random people.

Assume everyone can speak English

As a tourist, you should learn the basic native words to help you communicate with the locals.

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